Fanático Pack

Fanático Pack

What is in Fanático Pack?

This unique pack allows you to try our every product from our current stock including our best blends, Kratom extract and Salvia. This pack is ideal for wholesalers who would want to try our products first. This pack is available with almost 50% off on every product. 

The Fanático Pack contains the following products:

Zero Chem - 3 Grams
ERB - 1.5 Grams
Bali Diesel - 2 Grams
Kratom Extracts - 3 Grams
Salvia Extracts 60X- 1 Gram

How to use these products?

1. Use rolling papers, pipe or a bong 
2. Roll or dump content of bag usually start with around 0.3 - 0.5 of a gram to gage your reaction (you can always add more later).  
3. Smoke it like you would any regular other regular tobacco substances 

Price: $59.99

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"Salvia divinorum, [is] regarded as the world's most potent [dream like] herb"

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