What i love most about your salvia is the consistant quality. i know exactly what i'm getting each time and i'm always satisfied with my smoke. - Paresh
Thanks for the great service guys. you guys were prompt and really friendly. and thanks for not making me feel like the student who asks all the dumb questions in class. haha :) - Jess from Kansas
The experience was so very enlightening, earthshattering, and unsettling all at the same time. It's a feeling of familiarity, much like how I REMEMBER my early childhood, maybe because it was so fun! Unlike alot of other psychedelics in which emotion takes precedence over the processing of subjective perception, Salvia allowed me temporarily dissipate my emotions and anxieties and ENTER into a world unseen. The uniqueness of this magic herb cannot be overstated---the only emotion not supressed was the sense of exhilaration and anticipation, that's what makes it FUN, and an experience that is so non-commital. - Richard E.
I used to think salvia is just salvia. 20x is 20x. just look for the cheapest price and you're set. man was i wrong. the 20x here is better than some of the 40x i've smoked. very impressed. keep it up guys. - anonymous
I am no longer a skeptic. Salvia Divinorum is for real. Its effects are powerful and profound. It is unlike anything I have ever done. I do believe that it might belong in a class of its own. No cosmic knowledge was revealed to me. Nor did I transcend language or ego. However, I did learn respect for this plant. It confronted me with my inability to completely let go. - Mark, San Diego California
After the first toke of 60x I actually physically felt as the energy spread through my body and the hardened shell of negative energy blew away like dust, and the two fields of my consciousness then melded together. - Lee
Salvia's taste is pretty benign.. closest I can think of is tea. So I really enjoy the flavored variety you guys have. Especially the strawberry. It adds another layer of pleasure onto the whole experience. Can you guys add flavored kratom as well? - Greg, Melbourne, AU

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