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Buy Salvia divinorum a unique plant with effects unlike those of any others. Those who buy Salvia may be interested in knowing that Aztec Shamans reported feeling effects that included full blown dream like state that makes you  you feel that you are in a different time or place, feeling that your body is merging with your surroundings and experiencing a deep spiritual and psychological rejuvenation. All it takes is a small bowl for your sense of reality to be completely turned upside down! 

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Buy Salvia divinorum, we guarantee that no two Salvia experiences will ever be the same and each time you will experience something completely different! During one trip you might think you’re in a spaceship traveling across the universe, while in another trip you could be on a pirate ship sailing across the ocean! With Salvia your creative mind is unleashed and the possible experiences are endless. The Salvia divinorum trip begins quickly, peaking for 5-10 minutes, with a gradual comedown over the next 10-20 minutes. Buy salvia today while its still legal! If you buy salvia, rest assured that it is perfectly legal in most US States, we strongly encourage customers to ensure they check there respective local state laws before purchasing salvia. Happy trip!

You must be 18+ years or older. Visit Salvia legality for more information about whether its legal to purchase in your state or country.

What is Salvia Divinorum?

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Salvia Potency Guide

  • 10x Low Potency
  • 20x Medium Potency
  • 40x High Potency
  • 60x Extreme Potency

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