Credit Card Payment Processing Failed

Credit Card Payment Failed

Bummer looks like your credit card has been declined. Fear not! We have solutions.

Here are the three most common reasons for a declined card and our answer to fix it.

1. Your bank blocked it. Our merchant processor is based in Canada and outside the United States because of the product/services we sell as a result US banks flag some transactions as suspicious, so they block it from going through.
Call your bank or credit card company and ask them if a charge attempt as been made. Charge on your statement is BNA Dealer. Then ask them to add BNA Dealer as an exemption and that you want it to go through, then come back to our site and place your order again and it should go through. Only approved orders will be shipped.
2. Wrong information, could be that you entered some bad information. For example: your billing doesn’t match what you have on file or your credit card or CVV(three digit at the back of your card) number is wrong. If that’s the reason number 1 is not valid this is most likely the reason.
3. Using Visa/Master Card Gift Card, we are using a Credit Card merchant with rather sensitive security and anti fraud features enabled. The likelihood of your Visa/Master Card Gift Card working online is about 50% with most businesses reason is because there is no billing associated with it.
Here is how most online credit card processor determine if your transaction is approved or denied. Card number Match. Three Digit Match. Billing Address & Name Match. 
If any of those fail to match what is on record when it contacts your bank. It will automatically decline your transaction. As a solution if it does not work please consider using a VISA Debit or a Regular Credit CardWorried about your spouse parents checking your statements? BNA Dealer shows up on your statement and that could be from any sort of business.

Ready to place your order again click on checkout or head over to your cart screen and follow the instructions to try again.

For more information about our payment solution check out our help page. If you have any other question hit us up on chat/call us (1-801-528-6473) or visit our contact page.