Explorer Pack

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What is in the Explorer Pack?

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Explore the world that Salvia has to offer. Its never been easier for beginners to venture forward one step at a time, while getting a well-rounded Salvia experience. Get a feel for our product and let your mind wonder with our combo pack 10x, and 20x. Start small before you go big so you can feel confident with every step you take. 

The Explorer Pack contains the following products: 

Salvia divinorum extract 10X - 1 Gram
Salvia divinorum extract 20X - 1 Gram

How to use these products?

1. Use a pipe or a waterbong (use a filter if possible to avoid wasting any salvia)
2. Add 0,2 of a gram to your device use your torch lighter (highly recommended) apply the fire on the product.
3. Inhale as much smoke as possible into your lungs while keeping your torch lighter applied to the salvia. 
4. Do not exhale immediately hold the smoke in for as long as possible, then when no longer possible exhale. Sit back and let it take you on the journey.


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Price: $22.99

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