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If you’re asking yourself “What are the best vaporizers?” or “What makes one vaporizer better than another?”, SalviaExtract is pleased to provide a list of our personal favorites. This page includes many of the best selling vaporizers and other units that receive great reviews on our website.


Desktop Vaporizers are designed for home use and plugin to any wall outlet. They typically come in two different styles: whip-style or forced-air. Some desktop vaporizers are capable of providing both a forced-air system and whip-style delivery. Most people would agree that desktop units provide the most efficient vaporization and largest vapor production.


Portable Vaporizers are exactly that – portable. These handheld vaporizers are designed to go anywhere and typically utilize an internal rechargeable battery, rechargeable external batteries or butane as their power source.


Pen Vaporizers are small and compact units made for people looking for a discreet vaporizing method. They are very simple to operate, heat up within a few seconds and can be used almost anywhere without bringing unwanted attention to yourself. All of these pen-style vaporizers are compatible with dry herbs and some are also compatible with waxes and oils.


Wax Pen Vaporizers are compatible with your favorite waxes, thick oils or other concentrates. Most of these units utilize an atomizer as the heating source, which typically heat up within just a few seconds and allow the user to place their material directly onto the coil. If you’re looking for a portable unit that will provide discreet vaporization, wax pen vaporizers are an excellent choice because of their small size and instant heat-up time.


Forced-Air Vaporizers represent the new trend in vaporizer technology. They utilize an internal fan that sends hot air over and through your material. This process results in a consistent vapor stream that can be administered by filling a balloon bag or through a whip attachment.


Whip Style Vaporizers deliver vapor to the user through vinyl or silicone tubing called a “whip”. By inhaling through the whip, the user is able to achieve robust vapor production.

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