Forced Air Vaporizers

Forced-air vaporizers represent the newest and most effective wave of vaporizers. These high-quality vapes utilize a forced-air system, meaning an internal fan propels hot air over your herbs, heating them by way of convection heating. This process creates a perfect vapor stream that can be drawn through a whip attachment, or filled into a balloon bag – depending on the type of vaporizer. Many of these units also feature varying fan settings, allowing the user to control the speed of the hot air flow. In addition to being super efficient, forced-air vaporizers also offer perhaps the healthiest means of vaporization. As typically al forced-air units heat dry herbs through true convection, no smoke or combustion is produced – only pure and clean vapour.

Vapes that utilize forced-air technology are viewed by most as the most advanced and effective means of vaporization. Since these units are able to pump out vapor on their own, whereas standard whip-style vaporizers require the user to inhale (draw) for vapor to be produced. Once herbs are warmed by way of optimally heated hot air, the units internal fan continue to propel the vapor either into a balloon bag or though a whip attachment, allowing for the most seamless vaporization experience possible.

While all forced-air vaporizers function somewhat similarly, things like size, heat-up time, temperature range, vapor delivery system and overall quality vary from unit to unit. Vapes that use forced-air technology tend to perform better than standard whip-style vaporizers, and usually more highly rated and higher quality. While standard whip-style units offer a quick and simple means of dry herb vaporization, they can’t compete with the amount of vapor production associated with forced-air units. If you’re looking to experience a top-of-the-line, combustion free method of dry herb consumption, you’ll definitely want to invest in a forced-air vaporizer.

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