AtmosRx Vaporizer

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Product Features:

Completely Portable – No Cords or Wires
Utilizes Advanced Lithium Ion Battery
Discreet & Lightweight
Wind Proof
Ready to use in Seconds
Advanced Vaporizing Technology
Stylish and Sleek Design

Accessories (Included):

1 x Atmos Rx Battery
1 x Glass Screen
1 x Ceramic Heating Chamber
1 x Chamber Connector
1 x Ceramic Filter
1 x Mesh Filter + Spring
1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
1 x Cleaning Brush Tool
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Wall Adapter
1 x USB Charger
1 x User Manual

Atmos RX Vaporizer – this incredible on-the-go vaporizer from Atmos Technology was once known at the Atmos RAW. The high-quality technology is designed for easy vaporization of herbal supplements. The heating process is done with a coil inside of a safe, well protected ceramic heating chamber. Quick and smooth, Vapor is released from the filter in less than 5 seconds. The smell is true to the herb and without any toxic notes or smokey smell. The vapor is produced from the AtmosRX at the perfect temperature. The select F/C keeps the vapor coming without over heating and making smoke. This technology comes from special active ingredient releasing conduction methods of heat and quality materials.

About the Atmos RX

This is a traditional pen shaped direct draw vape. The size is close to the shape of a permanent marker and considered very portable. The style of the AtmosRX is designed to mirror a matte pen, which keeps it not only portable but easy to disguise or hide. With years of experience making respected vape tech, Atmos was able to put years of experience into this pen. The heating tech keeps the herbs safe from being scorched and burning in the heat tank. Specific temp selection keeps the active ingredients from changing. Conduction is considered a more safe way of using herbal blends because it removes the smoke and keeps the herbs from changing in dangerous ways. Keeping the herbs true to their original make-up is one of the priceless things about the AtmosRX. No new dangerous compounds are produced with this pen.

How to use the Atmos RX

Ready to use right out of the box! A heating chamber is provided with purchase of the pen. This chamber is designed to heat plant material to between 380- 400 degrees F. To begin using the pen, locate the heating chamber which should have a coil in the bottom of it. Load the dry herbs into the heating chamber (a packing tool comes with),assemble the rest of the pen. Once the mouth piece is on, hold down the activation button and breath-in (inhale). Slowly inhaling will draw less vapor from the chamber, longer breaths will draw more. 5-8 seconds per inhale is standard. This pen can be used almost anywhere – golfing, snowboarding, on a picnic, or even just walking the dog. Of course the AtmosRX can also be used at home, and it might be good to start there if you want to explore the starter kit.

How to clean the Atmos RX

The AtmosRX has a battery life of about 2 hours. Fully charge the battery each time and the battery will not quickly lose it’s strength. After the heating chamber has been packed full a couple of times it is best to clean the pen. Remove the battery and unplug the device before cleaning. A small brush comes in the starter kit specifically for use with the pen. The leftover material from vaporizing has to be brushed out to keep things running smooth. Brush surfaces of the heating chamber except for the coil. Regular cleaning and charging can help to extend the life of the pen. *The Limited Edition Green AtmosRX has an extra heating chamber for wax like the Dube Vaporizer. The wax chamber takes a different cleaning method, see instructions included with the L.E. Green AtmosRX kit.


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