Bong Diffuser Beads

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Bong Diffuser Beads

These are a revolutionary new percolation system. When placed in the main chamber of a water pipe, they intermix the smoke with the water, and also force the smoke to separate and travel around each individual bead before it reaches your mouth. This cools and softens the smoke so it isn’t as harsh on your lungs.

How to Use Diffuser Beads?

1. Pour the diffuser beads from their container into the main chamber of your water pipe.

2. Add water until it reaches the desired level, usually an inch or two above the down stem.

3. You can also put water in first and add the diffuser beads afterwards.

4. Pack a bowl, light it, and inhale without your lungs or throat hurting.

Simply place the round diffuser beads into the main chamber of your water pipe or bubbler by pouring them out of the clear container they come in, and then inhale the smoke as you would normally. You will see and feel the difference, as the hundreds of beads cause the smoke to break up and cool down. Diffuser Beads work to cool down the smoke by adding more surface area to the smoke, just like a diffused downstem.


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