Da Buddah Vaporizer

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Da Buddah Vaporizer

Product Features:

Hands Free Connection
Durable Construction
Quick Heat-Up Time
Ceramic Heating Element
Includes Padded Storage Bag

Accessories (Included):

1 x Ground Glass Wand
1 x 3 ft. Vinyl Tubing
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x SSV Stir Stick
1 x Replacement Screens
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Padded Storage Bag

About the Da Buddah Vaporizer

The Da Buddah is another vaporizer of superior quality from 7th floor, the makers of Silver Surfer. Vaporizer enthusiasts can enjoy the quality craftsmanship that goes into each device. Da Buddah is completely constructed in the USA. A ceramic heating element is used in combination with ground glass connections to provide the most pure vapor every hit. Heat settings are adjustable so that a person may tailor the device to fit their herb needs. Quality materials go hand in hand with simple instructions and easy care to provide the ultimate experience. The Life Saber vaporizer is comparable in strength of vapor hits and device design.

Every aspect of the Da Buddah was made to improve on existing vaporizers. The squat design of Da Buddah makes the best of air resistivity, allowing for incredible smooth flow. Set up of the wand and whip is simple, filling the wide mouth bowl is designed to be easier than other devices. The connection is truly handfree with the heater cover allowing the whip to sit freely and stay connected. Creators from 7th floor specially made Da Buddah so that screens could be easily replaced and everything could be broken down quickly. The padded storage bag provided helps for safe keeping of the device and traveling. If anything ever should happen to the Da Buddah, 7th planet even includes a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

How to use the Da Buddah

The Da Buddah must be first plugged in and switched on to begin activation of the heat element, this should take 2-4 minutes. Incredibly easy set up means you only need to adjust the temp to get started. The device features a temperature control knob to change the heat settings to the most appropriate setting for dry ground herbs. Most likely the best heat setting for herbs will be between the 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock area. Before the device is hot and ready, the bowl should be filled loosely for best results. The whip does not need to be held onto the heating element cover while you vape, so truly it can be used hands free. Once the bowl is packed with the herbs, attach the ground glass of the bowl to the ground glass cover and it will sit comfortably allowing you to go handsfree. Connect the whip and device, and the vapor will flow generously with a steady inhale from the bowl for around 8 seconds.

How to clean the Da Buddah

To keep the Da Buddah in top shape only takes a few simple steps. Cleaning and replacing of parts can be done in a short amount of time thanks to the superior design of this device.

The screens should be replaced as they become cloudy with debris. 7Th planet provides extra screens with the accessories of this device. Tubing should be replaced as needed, 3 feet comes with to be cut down into smaller pieces or used as one long tube. Soaking the glass parts in a vaporizer appropriate cleaner will remove any extra debris and build up from regular use. This is usually done after 3 months of use if Da Buddah has been used often.

In addition to cleaning this device, some gentle care is recommended when it is not being used. Uplugging and safely storing the Da Buddah in the provided bag will help prevent unwanted breaks and accidents from happening.


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