DaVinci Portable Vaporizer

$299.99 $199.00

Product Features:

Newest Model – Version 2.0
Small and Portable
Easy to Use
Temperature Control System
High-Quality Lithium Ion Battery
2 Year Warranty

Accessories (Included):

1 x Battery Charger
1 x Cleaning Tool
2 x Oil Cans
8 x Extra Screens
1 x Instruction Manual

DaVinci Portable Vaporizer 2.0 – A brand new release from Karma, version 2.0 is a high class portable vaporizing machine. The new model is easy to use and comes with a great 2 year warranty on the heating element. The best quality lithium ion battery was put into each device and designed for long term use to make this investment worthwhile. The walkie-talkie shape of the DaVinci is pocket sized and good for on the go use just like the PUFFiT Vaporizer. The external buttons are easy to find and use for adjustment of the vaporizing temperature. Sensor technology within each device allows for precision control of each load of herbs or waxy oils within the device. Temp control keeps the vaporization at a safe level, not reaching high enough temperature to create smoke or carcinogens. Device’s are available in Silver, Black, or Green.

How to use

Charge the device when you receive it. Once it’s ready for use, flip the on/off switch on the side of the device. This device has been designed with ease of use in mind, it is perfect for on the go situations.
This device has changed the game with a secret storage compartment. So before using it on the go, be sure to pack some extra of your herbal blend. This device would be good for use with a blend like the gentle Chrono Smoke.
The heating compartment is located on the side of the device above the on/off switch. Pop open the heating chamber top with the firm press up. Load the chamber with your blend and pop the top back shut. The heating chamber has been specially designed to snap shut and prevent from spilling with a secure latch.
A power button on the front of the device can be pushed to begin heating the chamber contents. A green light will illuminate above the digital temperature display to show the device is ready to be vaped. Use the flex-straw to inhale the chamber contents. This antenna looking straw is made out of food grade silicone and can be safely used over and over. The straw will already come attached and is designed to be sturdy, standing up to normal wear and tear that portable devices face.
The grip has been specially made for regular hand-held use. An ergonomic design has been used for people who plan to use the device often and on the go. One hand can be used just like using a vape pen such as the AtmosRX Vaporizer.


Precision control of heating chamber temperatures is managed with the plus and minus buttons on the front of the device. The digital temperate control allows users of this vape to customize their vaping experience. The internal sensors will monitor and adjust as necessary. Some herbs or waxy oils may work better with different temperatures. This device allows users to pick what temperature they want to use with each new load.


The DaVinci Portable Vaporizer 2.0 was designed for use dry herbal blends and waxy oil concentrates. Fill the heating chamber with one of these, and choose a temperature appropriate. Starting at a lower temperature works best if you do not know what to select.
Regular cleaning of the chamber with the provided tool will help keep it running smoothly. Buildup of oils or residue on the outside of the device can effect the grip and other electronic elements. Clean the inside and outside on a regular basis for best results


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