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OPK Kava Extract is excellent for stress and anxiety due to its natural anxiolytic properties. 5 Count.

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New to Salvia Extract! From a name you trust, O.P.M.S., now comes O.P.K. Kava Extract. This means you are sure to get the highest quality, strongest kava extract online.

Kava (Piper Methysticum)

Kava is exclusive to the islands of the South Pacific and is a a member of the pepper family. For centuries, Kava has been used as a ceremonial beverage in the South Pacific. Studies by researchers in the field of anxiety treatment have discovered that kavalactones affect the same pathways in the brain as certain diazepine drugs prescribed for anxiety. Many people report the feeling to be similar to that of drinking alcohol. Similar to kratom, kava has numerous strains to choose from, all having varied effects on the user.

At low doses, Kava makes the user feel relaxed and it enhances calmness. Low doses of Kava also lowers anxiety while promoting sociability, similar to the effects of alcohol or certain anti-anxiety medications. For this reason, kava is excellent for those who have social anxiety. Only difference is there are no dizzying or nauseating side effects. At higher doses, kava generates feelings of euphoria, with greater sedation and mild motor impairment.

The setting in which you consume kava is important. Traditionally, Pacific Islanders choose to consume kava in the evening, when the sun is set and lighting is minimal. This is because kava makes the user feel sensitive to light and it makes the user feel more relaxed and sedated. Of course, it can be taken during daylight hours if used as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety). It just may make you feel a bit sleepy during the day.

Product Size: 5 Count

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