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Party Pack

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What is in Party Pack?

Be the life of the party by bringing the party pack. This combo of Bali Diesel Herbal Smoking Blend, G4 Next Gen, and Chrono Smoke gives you and your friends three ‘Out of this World’ experiences to keep your party going all night long! You’ll be amazed at how comparable the effects are to the real thing. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to relax legally.

You must be 18+ years or older.

The Party Pack contains the following products:

Bali Diesel – 3 Grams
G4 Next Gen – 3 Grams
Chrono Smoke – 2 Grams

How to use these products?

1. Use rolling papers, pipe or a bong
2. Roll or dump content of bag usually start with around 0.3 – 0.5 of a gram to gage your reaction (you can always add more later).
3. Smoke it like you would any regular other regular tobacco substances


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