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Remarkable Herbs are all about the Herbs, specializing in Ethnobotany. They strive to provide you with the rarest and freshest herbs, seeds, bark, roots, extracts and smoking blends. They import plants and extracts from all over the world, direct from growers and harvesters.

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Effects of Indo Kratom

In comparison to many different strains, the traditional Indonesian kratom has a very unique set of effects which make it one of the most desired strains. While Indo kratom effects can vary depending on the season, the plant, and vein colors, there are certainly some common characteristics.

  • Pain Relief
  • Abatement of opiate withdrawal syndrome
  • Relaxation
  • Sedation
  • Mood Lifting

Something to note is that high quality Indo strains cause much less side effects, such as nausea and wobbles, than other strains such as Kratom Bali. Because of this, they reported to feel “cleaner” overall.

Pain killing / Analgesic

One of the most common reasons that this strain is so prized is for its pain killing effects. Similar to some malaysian strains, the pain killing effects of Indo strains tend to last a bit longer than other strains, either due to the increased potency or the cell structure of the leaves. Many people who use this plant for pain suggest red vein Indo strains, or red vein Borneo strains, which is technically an Indo strain, and report great effects. However, a red vein Indo strain can often cause sedation, making it not the most ideal day strain type for some; because of this, many suggest green or white vein indo strains, which tend to be less sedating overall — some are even energetic.

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For more tips about using salvia, check our Kratom Wiki Page and Kratom Beginner’s Guide.