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Salvia Extract 20X

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Product Description

Salvia Extract 20x For Sale

Salvia divinorum produces an intense psychedelic experience that can take you to a completely different place and time! Salvia was discovered by the Mazatec Indians of Oaxaca Mexico, who made use of its strong hallucinogenic properties for spiritual journeys and to explore difference planes of existence. Each salvia trip lasts 10 minutes. Salvia is legal in most parts of the world including the United States.Free Shipping Salvia Extract

Our Salvia Extract 20X contains 40mg/g, and 1 gram is equivalent to 33 Oz’s of Salvia leaves. Our Salvia Extract is made using a standardization method, meaning that every gram contains exactly the same amount of Salvinorin A. Salvia extract 20X is recommended for novice Salvia users.

By purchasing more than 1 gram you can save up to 35% more than if you purchase single gram individually! 

Effects of Salvia Extract 20X

Salvia divinorum leaves contain two active compounds known as Salvinorin A & Salvianorin B. Salvinorin A being the primary compound, has been deemed to be the single strongest isolated hallucinogenic substance known to men that is naturally occurring.

You may have heard/experienced the effects of magic mushrooms, and cacti, Salvia is in its own category in itself, the effects of Salvia being unique. The Salvia trips begins quickly, peaking for 5-10 minutes, and then tapering off for another 20-30 minutes. Where does your salvia trip rank? Check out our S-A-L-V-I-A Trip Rating Scale.

Dosing & Usage Instructions

  1. Grab a torch lighter/regular lighter and burn around 25 mg for medium to strong effect. Important keep the flame on the Salvia Extract at all times while its burning.
  2. If you are new to salvia, start with a smaller amount to test your sensitivity. The effect of salvia are different for each person and can be very overwhelming for some.
  3. It’s important to use the salvia in a quiet, dark environment. If you have no experience with salvia or other entheogenic substances, having a sober sitter present is absolutely necessary.

The weight of a moderately strong dose of extract can be estimated by: 400 / ”X-factor” = dose in milligrams. So a moderately strong dose of 20X is: 400 / 20 = 0.02 grams/hit.  A strong to uncomfortable experience = 0.04 grams/hit. 

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All SalviaExtract orders ship within a day and come with a full money back guarantee. Free domestic shipping on all U.S. orders paid with Bitcoin/E-Check/AMEX/Visa/Mastercard.

Thank you for shopping with SalviaExtract, and please remember us for all your Salvia needs!


Salvia is not a party drug!

Be careful with salvia extracts. Use them only with a, preferably experienced, sitter present and if you’re already familiar with regular salvia leaves.

SalviaExtract Encyclopaedia: Using Psychedelics Safely


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5 out of 5 stars

3 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ive only tried 20x 10 years ago and i want to try it again. no more no less ,just right. I didnt have any bad sensations but I did turn into a quilt going through rollers. I love how you are stripped from reality only to return. kind of a reset button.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    This is a very very powerful product compared to Salvia leaves and other salvia extracts. One advantage is that the quantity of smoke required to reach the effect is lower in comparison with leaves. But it is easy to take too much, which results in means being catapulted from the reality for 5-10 min.

    My girlfriend and I tested 70-100mg smoked in a normal wood pipe (not at the same time, it’s important to have a sitter for this kind of experiences). She was completely absent for 7 minutes, but the effect lasted around 15 minutes. During the effect she had the feeling to be in the presence of other beings, that showed to her memories of her life, she had the feeling of being in a place that was familiar to her but soon after that, she came back.

    In my case, I just remember having the time to put the pipe on the table and soon after everything was different, I wasn’t in my room anymore, I was in a very animated place, but there was a grey spot that became larger and larger until there were nothing left in my visual field, at that point my ego got destroyed and from that point, everything became a roller coaster with meaningful images and memories being display in front of me. Soon after I could remember what was happening, who I was, where I was and why I was felling all those things.
    It was amazing, we have tried it a couple of time since then, always a very intense but interesting experience, I highly recommend it at least once in life.

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  3. 5 out of 5

    I buyed 10g leaves and 1g 20x. I tried Salvia D. some years ago and needed some smokes till it worked. I ordered 10g leaves and 20x, because i want sure leaves would work – i heard SD is getting stronger the often u use and i hopped leaves alone would work for me anytime. It became truth, just the leaves alone give me such an undescripable trip so i don’t need to use extract anymore. if i use extract now i leave world for xx billion miles with only 0,01g extract.

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