Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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Product Features:

High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element
Unique Reverse 90 Degree Angle Design
Custom Glass Knob and Heater Cover
Standard or GG (Hands Free) Connection
Variety of Colors
3 Year Warranty

Accessories (Included):

1 x Padded Carrying Case
1 x Glass Marble Stirring Tool
3 x Replacement Screens
1 x Standard or Ground Glass Wand
1 x 3 ft. of Vapor Tubing
1 x Clear Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Instruction Manual

About the Silver Surfer

This brand new 7th floor device looks different than most vaporizers on the market. It is made custom in Colorado Springs, Colorado with the best manufacturing standards and parts. The standard whip style desktop or tabletop design is nothing compared to the great reverse 90 degree angle set up of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. It comes in a traditional silver color with black, red, cracked white, blue, green, orange, and zen rainbow color options as well. Multiple style choices are available for further customization of the device, different heating cover knobs add hand blown style. Each Silver Surfer Vaporizer is one of a kind unlike the Arizer Extreme Q, which features standard identical glass parts.

The lights and knobs are in place in the most ergonomic way to make temperature adjustment and vaporizing easier. The design of the device uses gravity to help with keeping the dry herbs in place while vaping, similar to the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer.

To keep the vapor pure and free of toxins, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer features a ceramic heating element. The heating element does not feature any metal parts which could release unwanted chemicals into the vapor. For added safety, the heating chamber does not come in close proximity with any of the electronic parts of the interior. A complete 3 year warranty covers the electronic parts of the device for the users peace of mind.

Available in standard or true hands-free ground glass connection, so users have a choice and can select an option based on their preferences. The standard version of this device requires that users hold the whip in place while vaporizing. The hands-free version allows users the freedom of not needing to hold the bowl to the device. The hands-free version uses an added innovative attachment from 7th floor to keep the glass bowl and heat cover connected.

How to use the Silver Surfer

When you first plug-in the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, an important first step needs to be taken before using the device. This step burns off the manufacturing oils that are still on the device when delivered. To burn off the oils, turn the heat knob clockwise to its maximum setting. An audible click can be heard to alert you the device is heating up. This burn only needs to be done once.

To use the device now construct the whip – attach the glass mouthpiece and the glass bowl wand to the whip tube. For best results, pack the wand ¼ of the way full before attaching it to the tube. Pack it loosely with the dry herbs you want to vaporize.

Once your bowl is packed and the heater cover is glowing orange you can place the glass bowl wand against the heating cover. Inhale gently to draw the air over your dry herbs, producing delicious dense vapor. The perfect reverse 90 degree design allows for zero herb spillage.

For hands free use, locate the Silver Surfer hands free attachment. Gently connect the glass parts of the heating cover and glass bowl in the standard fashion. Slide the U shaped metal attachment down into the Silver Surfer Vaporizer over the wand to keep the wand and heating cover attached. The attachment will be curved to perfectly to line the curve of the interior wall. Once the glass parts are well connected, inhale gently to dry air over the dry herbs.

It is recommended by the manufacturer that you occasionally remove the bowl from the heating cover while vaping to stir the bowl contents.

Optimal heat can be dialed with the to the 2 o clock position on the front of the device. The 2 o clock setting is around 390° F . Temperature can can be increased by turning the knob clockwise.

How to clean the Silver Surfer

To keep the Silver Surfer Vaporizer in top condition, running as best it can, regular cleaning is in order. Every 3 months or so depending on your level of use, replace the stainless steel filter screens. The silicone tubing should be replaced around 3 months as well as wear and tear will inhibit proper functioning.

Glass elements of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer can be done as necessary with Agent Orange Cleaner or Orange Chronic Cleaner.


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