Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

$249.00 $183.99


Product Features:

Newest Model – Hands Free Version
High-Quality Construction
Includes All-New Ceramic EZ Change Whip
All-New Pure Mineral Ceramic Heating Element
VaporBrothers Quality – The Original Vaporizer Company
Lifetime Warranty

Accessories (Included):

1 x EZ Change Hands Free Whip and Tubing
1 x Handpiece
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Vaporbrothers Organic Blend Sample
1 x Bamboo Pick
1 x New Clear AromaBulb
1 x Essential Oil Sample

VaporBrothers Vaporizer – VaporBrothers has done it again with its brand new model of the classic Vaporizer. This tabletop or desktop vaporizer is now incredibly hands-free and features a pure mineral ceramic heating element. VaporBrothers has gone through extensive third party lab testing to make sure this new device produces no added toxins and the most safe clean vapor possible. Convection produces the perfect vapor with advanced heating element technology in just a few minutes. The lifetime warranty provided from the manufacture brings peace of mind to buyers and those who fall in love with the device. The vaporizer comes in two great wood colors.

How to Use

Out of the box this device can be plugged in and used in several ways. It comes with several samples for aromatic use which can be tried out or tossed. The diverse options of this vaporizer include: oil diffusing, and hands-free whip attachment use.

Once out of the box and plugged in, the ceramic heating element can be adjusted to one of three temperature settings: 310, 350, and 425 degrees. It will take on average 5 minutes for the initial heat up.

The high quality whip allows for hands-free use after the heat up. While detached from the heating element, fill the end of whip (not the mouth piece end) to the marked fill line. This whip is designed for use with dry herbs only. *It may be easier to fill the whip bowl by sucking the dry herbal blend in to the screen. This can be done by place the end of the whip over the herbs and inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Once the whip is packed with herbs, carefully slide it onto the illuminated heating element. If you have waited the 5 minutes for complete heat up. You can now inhale through the whip. Clean and pure vapor will be produced from the convection process. The ceramic mouth piece and bowl are safe, durable and long lasting for regular toxic free use.

The AromaBulb is great for use after vaporizing some herbal blends like Chrono Smoke. Put a few drops of essential oils into the bowl, fill the rest with water to the marked line. Slide the bowl over the heating element, sit back and enjoy. The vapor will immediately begin filling the room with gentle aroma.

VaporBrothers has several attachments and previous version whips that can be used and switched out on this new model. Glass parts are usable but should be handled with care.

How to Clean and Care

This vaporizer features a ez whip that can be broken apart to be cleaned. The cleaning of ceramic and glass parts can easily be done with rubbing alcohol and water to remove any debris or build up. User safety and satisfaction is high priority with VaporBrothers products so the toxic free materials are top quality and will hold up to regular use and cleaning.

Extra whip screens come with the starter kit for replacement as needed. Occasionally, herbs might fall into the vaporizer box when sliding the ez whip bowl onto the heating element. This should be cleaned out to avoid safety hazards. Tilting the box horizontally will help prevent spilling the bowl when attaching the ez whip. Use the bamboo pick provided to help with debris removal.


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