Volcano Digital Vaporizer

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Volcano Digital Vaporizer Online

Product Features:

Large Digital LED Display
Advanced Air Temp Control System
Food Safe Aluminum Heating Block
High performance Heating Cartridge
Strong Diaphragm Pump
Advanced German Technology
Temperature between 266° & 446°F
Electromechanical Design
Automatic Shut-Off Feature
3 Year Warranty
Includes Solid or Easy Valve Set ($119.99 Value)

Accessories (Included):

1 x Herbal Filling Chamber
1 x Balloon Set (Solid or Easy Valve)
1 x Normal Screen Set
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x Liquid Pad
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Herbal Grinder
1 x Instruction Manual

Volcano Digital Vaporizer – advanced German technology has been use to create the latest and greatest version of the world celebrated Volcano vaporizer. The filtration system and precision temperature control are a more advanced version of the Vapir Rise Vaporizer. This tar and carcinogen free vaporizer uses a smooth cone structure to deliver intensified vapor. Hand crafted design work is combined with superior construction materials to create a patented top preforming device.

The relability of the Volcano is clear with the necessity for replacement of only two parts as wear and tear occurs. Bags and upper/lower screens may need replacement after long periods of use, which is why the manufacturer provides extras in their kits.

How to Use

The interior of this device includes a high performance heating cartridge combined with a food safe aluminum hating block and a very strong diaphragm pump. Temperatures for vaporization can be selected with push buttons on the sides of the oversized easy to read LED display. The display shows temp selected as well as actual temp inside, so there’s no question when it is ready to use. Heat up time is quick, just a few minutes wait to reach the maximum heat possible, 446°F.

This digital vaporizer is useable with the traditional solid valve or newer easy valve set. Once the herbal chamber is filled with a dry blend, the balloon system can be used. Be sure to only use the bags which come with the Volcano. Once the supply of bags provided runs low, it is possible to use large “Reynolds” type oven bags and heat proof oven hoses.

The solid valve balloon set is more complicated to use and will take more practice to execute without losing some vapor. Balloon size can be customized with this valve option and 3 meters of balloon material comes with the set. The provided material should create up to 6 balloons. The solid valve is the most common option for use with the Volcano, tens of thousands have been sold.

The easy valve balloon set is meant to be a more disposable option, the valves eventually become unusable and need replacing more often. 5 balloons come with the easy set.

Once a balloon is filled, it can be used immediately or stored for up to 8 hours without losing vapor. The easy valve balloon comes with valve and mouthpiece already attached.

This vaporizer does not come with a whip attachment like the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer.

How to Clean and Care

The balloons provided should be cleaned once every 100 fillings or earlier if they become obviously dirty. About once a year, the upper and lower screens should be replaced inside of the Volcano. Keep the exterior of the Volcano clean to prevent build up and malfunction of push buttons. A cleaning brush is provided, specially designed for use with this device. The bonus grinder and liquid pad will help with ease of use in the herbal filling chamber.

The Volcano Digital vaporizer comes with a 3 year warranty. Keeping the device on a flat surface will help with stability of the base and security of the heating chamber contents. An automatic shut-off feature is enabled after a pre-set period of time to prevent energy waste and interior material damage. Unplugging the vaporizer when it is not being used is the best way to keep it from being damaged.


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