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What delivery service do you use?
What are my shipping options?
How long does it take to process my order?
What about secure and 'discreet' packaging?
What happens in case my package gets intercepted by customs?
When do you require a signature Confirmation?

What delivery service do you use?


To give you the best possible service at the most economical prices, we use United States Postal Services. We feel that the United States Postal Service provides an affordable, reliable and efficient means of getting you the goods you ordered. If you reside outside of the United States, note that your national mail organization will be delivering your goods once it arrives within your country. Upon successfully shipping out your order we will e-mail you with a USPS delivery confirmation number, you can regularly check the status of the delivery via USPS.com Please note that orders over $100.00 must be accepted and signed for by someone at your delivery address.

If you do not receive a shipped e-mail notification containing your delivery confirmation, first check your SPAM box, if all else fails contact us

What are my shipping options?

First Class Mail [2-7 business days]
Priority: $5.05 [2-3 business days]
Express Mail: $18.20 [1-2 Business Days]
Canada FREE [7-15 Business Days]

International Registered Mail $19.81 [7-15 Business Days]
Express Mail International $42.75 [7 Business Days]

How long does it take to process my order?

We ship ALL orders within 1-3 business days. However, we generally ship most orders the same day. Processing may take additional time during holidays/busy season.

Note: Our credit card processing system is not a live one, meaning that their is a delay between being approved/declined depending on the response we receive from our merchant card provider. Once your order's status changes to "process" expect your order to be shipped within 1-3 business days.

If you have received an e-mail notifying you that your order has been declined please visit our help page for additional information.

What about secure and 'discreet' packaging?

Discreet Salvia Shipping

We understand that we sell goods that require discreet shipping methods. You can shop at SalviaExtract.com with absolute confidence that we will take every pre-caution in ensuring that we package and ship out your order in complete privacy. To ensure this, we ship all our packages in a plain box/envelop with absolutely no product labels of any kind. USPS requires us to have a return address label on your parcel. This is shown as:

Andrew Reed
2420 Sand Creek Road. C-1 #203

Your credit card statement will have a charge by "HRP". and will not reference any particular product. Feel free to learn more details about our complete privacy policy.

What happens in case my package gets intercepted by customs?

SalviaExtract.com will not ship any product(s) to a country where that product is known to be illegal or subject to governmental regulations. Having said that we cannot monitor the world with thousands of languages and regulations for changes in laws, it is your responsibility to verify with authorities and customs officials with regards to the legality of the goods you are ordering. By placing an order from another country YOU(customer) are assuming full liability and potential repercussion by your local governing authorities.

In some cases even when their are no regulations governing a specific product their are still cases, in which, customs officials will decide to inspect the shipment this is perfectly normal. If the customs officials in your country decides to inspect or test the content of the package before clearing it, you may have to wait an extended period of time to recieve your order. The length of this time period will depend on your country's procedures. We cannot provide you with any updates, in fact, only way to get an update is to contact your national postal service for the number for customs and inquire directly with them using your tracking code provided as reference.

In some cases, where agricultural laws are strict and customs agents cannot successfully categorize or identify goods may return or destroy your package. In such an instance you will most likely be receiving a letter from customs in your country stating that goods bound for your address were either destroyed/returned to sender due to insufficient or erroneous information. In most cases, this denial is not a question of legality, but the result of additional regulations unrelated to the legality of the product being shipped. If your package is denied, we will first try and determine the cause, if the cause if regulatory we will issue you a full refund. We will not re-attempt a second time to ship your goods.

For more information with regards to prohibited goods such Salvia and Kratom see our Salvia US Legal Map Page. We also have a comprehensive Salvia World Legal Map.

When do you require a signature Confirmation?

We ship all orders under $100.00 without Signature Guarantee Service (Signature NOT Required upon Delivery). Customer assumes the risk of non-receipt if the shipping carrier can establish that the order was delivered to the shipping address.

We ship all orders over $100.00 with Signature Guarantee Service (Signature Required upon Delivery). If you wish to remove this option please contact us with your order number after placing your order; however, by removing signature upon delivery the customer assumes the risk of non-receipt if the shipping carrier can establish that the order was delivered to the shipping address.

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