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Buy Salvia Extract and discover the most unique visionary herb in the universe. Salvia for sale is a potent herb that is known by the Aztec Shamans as "Diviners Sage" or Salvia Divinorum. Shaman have used the leaves of this plant for hundreds of years to successfully induced out of body experiences, astral projection, and divination and enhance spiritual development...

What is Salvia Divinorum?

Today, many of us know of Salvia divinorum as a popular legal hallucinogen. Thanks to the Internet, there is more awareness about Salvia today then ever before. If we go back into history, we will find that Salvia divinorum was first introduced in the West in the mid 20th Century. This small leafy plant, however, has been used by ancient cultures of Mexico for many decades.

Salvia divinorum was originally found in the Oaxaca region of Mexico and scientists figured out that Salvia was used by the Mazatec shamans of this area for spiritual healing, divination, and medicinal purposes. While Salvia has a long history, Salvia extracts have been used by people all over the world only recently. Salvia is available on an international level and many people buy Salvia for its psychedelic effects. Unlike other substances on the market, Salvia is actually legal in many countries.

Salvia is generally made into an extract for ingestion. The most common method of ingestion is smoking because it is more effective. Traditionally, Salvia was consumed by Mayans either in the form of tea infusions or placed in a bond fire for inhaling. Today, people either smoke Salvia or chew it. Chewing Salvia is not the preferred method because the effects are weaker and it requires the use of fresh Salvia leaves.

Salvia extracts are typically for smoking and these are created by extracting the active ingredient in Salvia and adding it to tiny pieces of the leaves. Most people choose standardized extracts because they are of higher quality and cleaner to smoke.

What causes the effects of Salvia divinorum is actually a very powerful ingredient called Salvinorin A. Salvinorin A is a natural hallucinogen. Once Salvia is consumed, the effects will range anywhere from mild to extreme depending on the extract and the strength of the blend. The effects last five to seven minutes and are stronger in people who have natural body resistance to Salvinorin A.

Salvia creates a whole range of positive experiences such as mood enhancement, spirituality and deep insight. The effects of Salvia are generally grouped into 3 levels and below is an overview of the experiences in each level.

Level 1 Subtle: In the first level, people generally are still aware of their body, but begin to feel their body become more tranquil.

Increased sensuality and sexuality
Sense of reality
Ability to Meditate

Level 2 Mild Visionary: In the second level, people begin to hallucinate and their bodies feel as though they are being controlled by strong forces.

Sense of reality starts to diminish in this stage.
Altered state of consciousness
Heightened sense of color, texture, sight, smell sounds and environment.
Playful and uncontrollable laughter
Hallucinations with eyes closed Immateriality
Body can twist and turn

Level 3 Strong Visionary: In the third level, hallucinations become more intense and people lose sense of reality.In this stage, people also gain deeper insight and spirituality.

Detachment from reality
Intense hallucinations indistinguishable from reality
Enlightening insight
Time traveling
Past-life associations
Divine connections
Stronger connection with nature and universe

The effects of Salvia are primarily positive, but in extreme cases, people can lose consciousness and begin to shake uncontrollably. It is always important to use Salvia in the company of others and to begin with smaller doses to prevent this.

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Buy SalviaSalvia  divinourm is a powerful visionary herb that is safe, legal , and completely natural. Salvia use is woven into indigenous Central American culture. Shamans have passed knowledge of the entheogen from generation to generation as a vital tool for healing and spiritual discovery. The psychedelic effects of salvia range from mild to intense. Through careful use of a quality extract, you will find the experience that is right for you.

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What you should know about Salvia Divinorum?

Salvia divinorum is quickly becoming the most popular legal herb on the market. If you've heard about it, you're probably wondering what it is and want to know more. The words "Salvia divinorum" mean "the diviner's sage", reflecting salvia's traditional usage as a means of spiritual development, astral projection and healing. To Mazatec shamans, Salvia divinorum is a sacred herb that takes a central place in their rituals. Shamans are experts in navigating the spiritual realm, and their respect for salvia indicates it's power as a potent spiritual tool. Today, salvia has spread to recreational users around the world. It is valued for the unique psychedelic experience it offers.

How to use Salvia?

Salvia is native to Mexico and traditionally it has been chewed mostly because that was the only available method at the time, although its been recorded that large bond fires of Salvia were burnt and inhaled, chewing remained the most preferred method amongst shamans. Thanks to advancements in science Salvia can now be consumed by smoking salvia, while leafs can be smoked as well the salvia effects are minimal and require large quantities in order for the user to achieve the desired state of mind. Salvia Extract offers you commonly found Salvia Extract and you can buy Salvia 10X, 20X, 40X, and 60X. The average batch of 1 oz Salvia divinorum contain roughly 2.2 grams of pure Salvianorin-A, Salvia 10X would be 10 times that amount thus 1 gram is generally plenty for various astral plane trips.
If you would like to read more about Salvia Usage.

Where to buy Salvia Divinorum

Is Salvia legal in the United States? Click the link above to find out more specifics. The legality surrounding Salvia Divinorum is complex and one should inform themselves before proceeding. Currently, a number of US states have banned Salvia while it is still legal in the majority of the United States. Laws enacted against salvia vary from outright ban by adding it to the controlled substance act to smaller lesser laws such as no sale to minor to illegal to possess, use, and sell. Fortunately, if you live in one of the happy salvia states that did not outright ban this wonderful herb, you can easily find salvia for sale via our online store salviaextract.com.

Why you should buy Salvia from us

If you are wondering why you should buy salvia from us. Here are couple of quick reasons: We have served over 10'000 happy customers and have a 100% money back guarantee as long as you return 90% of the product, more details can be found on our Salvia return policy page. When you buy salvia products we will ship them to you discretely and we will not mark your credit card statement with any obvious associations to the product. We have the lowest Salvia prices around and offer free shipping within the United States on all salvia for sale. We strive to excellence in customer service and provide quick replies to any inquiries. SalviaExtract.com offers sustainably grown, 100% organic salvia for sale. Quality is very important to us and all our Salvia Extract is produced in professional lab that uses standardized methods of production. Read more about why you should buy salvia from us.

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