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Expert Pack

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What is in the Expert Pack?

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Think you have the bull by the horns? Let us introduce you to the Expert Pack: this one’s for the pros. A variety of our three most potent extracts – this combo of 20x, 40X and 60x is sure to give the most ardent of spiritual explorers a run of their money.

The Expert Pack contains the following products:

Salvia divinorum 20x – 1 Gram
Salvia divinorum 40x – 1 Gram
Salvia divinorum 60x – 1 Gram

How to use these products?

1. Use a pipe or a waterbong (use a filter if possible to avoid wasting any salvia)
2. Add 0,2 of a gram to your device use your torch lighter (highly recommended) apply the fire on the product.
3. Inhale as much smoke as possible into your lungs while keeping your torch lighter applied to the salvia.
4. Do not exhale immediately hold the smoke in for as long as possible, then when no longer possible exhale. Sit back and let it take you on the journey.

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