Take Control of your Dreams: Tips for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming | SalviaExtract.com

Lucid dreaming is the act of dreaming while maintaining consciousness during REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. This type of dreaming allows you to tell yourself that “you are dreaming” without waking up. Awake consciousness, if used correctly, gives one the opportunity to keep on participating in the dream while defining it to be something else. If you are ... Read More »

A “déjà vu” moment: The mystery explained

déjà vu already seen moment

You’ve probably recently had a moment wherein you’ve stopped and realized that, in some subtle detail, it all seems familiar: the same person waiting in line for coffee, wearing the same shirt, or the same car passing you on the way to work every morning. What’s happening? Many claim they’re having a moment that English language doesn’t quite have a ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton Supports Re-Classifying Marijuana From Schedule I To Schedule II

Presidential Marijuana Debate 2015

Hillary Clinton Vs. Bernie Sanders What would they do for Marijuana Democratic Incumbent Hillary Clinton delivered her classic memorized speech polished by the finest grad students at Yale in the campaign’s first Democratic presidential debate, during which she was asked whether she supports legalization of marijuana. Her response, not surprising given she wants to win was that she did not. ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana Legal in All Forms, Canadian Supreme Court Rules

CBC Picture: MJ Brownies

Medical Marijuana Legal in All Forms, Canadian Supreme Court Rules Medical marijuana legal in all forms, Supreme Court rules Health minister ‘outraged’ by ruling, vows to combat ‘normalization’ of pot CBC News Pot-infused brownies are divided and packaged at The Growing Kitchen, in Boulder, Colo. in September 2014. The Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday said medical marijuana can include products other ... Read More »

Cannabis and Salvia Divinorum


My Spiritual Experiences with Psychedelics Cannabis and Salvia Divinorum Marijuana triggered my first spiritual experience and was largely responsible for my spiritual awakening.  Salvia Divinorum demonstrated that Heaven truly exists. Naturally, I find it difficult to condemn the exploration of such drugs. We’ve come quite a long way in accepting Cannabis.  Currently, 18 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical ... Read More »

Divinorum: The Documentary


The Project: Roberto and his team of filmmakers and anthropologists are engaged in a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds to make a documentary about Salvia divinorum. The aim of the project is to spread greater awareness of the potential of Salvia for its transformative properties and how its impacted the lives of people. This has become more urgent has the Mexican authorities are discussing making ... Read More »

A Recent Salvia Trip of Mine

Dose: 4 hits of Salvia Divinorum extract 10x Method: Smoked Body Weight: 180 lbs Gender: Male Age at time of experience: 19 Experience Year: 2011 The other night I drove to a secluded area outside my town to smoke some salvia. Upon arrival, there was a deer and a buck that galloped off into the distance a little. I brought a few ... Read More »

My First Salvia Trip

Salvia Art - Pulling Forces

Dose: 3-4 hits of  Salvia Divinorum extract 20x Method: Smoked Body Weight: 173 lbs Gender: Male Age at time of experience: 25 Experience Year: 2010  I have tried salvia dozens of times, each time trying my best to understand what is happening in my mind and my body; I can say from experience that understanding what is happening allows the affects ... Read More »

Does Kratom Need to Be Legalized?


Mitrgyna speciosa is causing a heated ethical debate worldwide, a big deal considering it is a small leafy herb. This plant which is native to Asia and outlawed primarily in Asia has been used by people for decades. No matter if it’s status is legal or illegal, the benefits of using this drug have driven people to find and use ... Read More »

Effectively Treating Opiate Addiction with Kratom

Opiate Addiction

As more people are born every day and eventually become become regular users of legal and illegal drugs, the addiction epidemic has continued. In addition to the new synthetic drug use upswing, some plant based naturally derived drugs like Kratom are also gaining popularity. Kratom is still being grown from a tree leaf found in southern Asia and sent around ... Read More »