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How to smoke Salvia divinorum

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Methods for Smoking Salvia divinorum

The process for smoking salvia is the same whether you are using unfortified Salvia divinorum leaves, or a high-quality salvia extract. However, if you are using normal dried leaves, it is essential to follow this process exactly or you may not experience the results you’re expecting. The challenge with smoking salvia is that the active ingredient, salvinorin A, is difficult to vaporize. With improper technique, it is possible to smoke salvia leaves without ingesting a high enough dose of salvinorin-a. This is not a problem when smoking a quality extract, because the fortified leaves of a 10x or 20x extract contain enough of the psychoactive chemical to insure an effective dosage.
Salvia Essentials |

The essential Salvia divinorum gear

A water bong is essential, based on user feedback and experience we have determine for this to the easiest way for you to use salvia extract. Smoking through a bong cools and condenses the smoke, and then uses air pressure to force the smoke into the lungs, making it easier to ingest a large dose of salvinorin-a. This is the perfect way to get the most out of your salvia, whether you use normal leaves or a standardized extract.

A Butane Lighteris required in order to maximize the amount of heat you apply onto your Salvia Extract. salvianorin A requires a certain degree of heat in order to fully release and for you to be able to inhale thereby for the compound to enter your blood stream and release its effects.

Step by step on how to smoke Salvia divinorum extract

(1) Use a water-cooled smoking device (a water pipe, or bong). This makes it much easier to inhale large quantities of smoke. Because the smoke is cooled, it can be inhaled more comfortably without coughing.

(2) Make sure that the pipe stem and screen are not clogged with residue from previous use. It is important that the pipe draws well. Check it before use to make sure that you can draw air through it easily when you inhale.

(3) Try to inhale the full dose in three big inhalations. Each one should be inhaled slowly and deeply, then held for 20 – 30 seconds before exhaling. It is very important to retain each inhalation of smoke deeply in the lungs long enough for it to be absorbed efficiently. Do not pause between exhaling and taking the next inhalation (except for a short breath of fresh air if necessary). This insures that the whole dose will be consumed within the 2 – 3 minute period required. If the dose is smoked too slowly, the salvinorin A will be metabolized faster than it is ingested.

(4) Salvinorin A requires a high temperature to vaporize. This can be easily achieved by making certain that the leaves are in direct contact with a flame the entire time that you are inhaling. When inhaling, hold a flame directly over the bowl of the pipe so that the flame is drawn down into the leaves as you inhale the smoke.

(5) Use a torch-flame lighter. Many people report better results when using this type of lighter. These produce a very hot torch-like flame that causes rapid combustion of the smoking material and hence produces more concentrated smoke. Because of the extra heat generated by these devices, it is important to use them in conjunction with a water-cooled smoking device.

(6) Use extract-enhanced leaves (fortified leaves). Most people prefer to smoke fortified leaves. These products are concentrated so that the entire dose can be more easily consumed. Some of these products are so refined and concentrated that a full dose produces no more than a tiny wisp of smoke. These products also have a health advantage, since they reduce the amount of smoke that must be ingested to achieve the desired level of effects. One must keep in mind however, that fortified leaves must be used more carefully because of their greater potency. These products do not need to be smoked in a water-cooled pipe. A torch-flame lighter offers no particular advantage when smoking extract-enhanced leaves because the volume of leaf required can be ignited with sufficient rapidity using an ordinary lighter, or even a match. You can make crude extract enhanced leaves yourself quite easily. Instructions are available in section XIII of the Salvia divinorum FAQ at: Similar products are available commercially. You might want to consider one of my standardized salvinorin A enhanced leaf products, which are available at:

Salvia Experience: What to expect

The onset of a Salvia divinorum trip usually occurs immediately after inhaling two or three lungfuls of smoke. Most people experience acute effects lasting anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. While hallucinating from salvia, however, time can become radically distorted, so while you may be tripping for ten minutes, it is likely that during those ten minutes you will completely lose your sense of time. If you check the clock after coming down from the trip, you may be surprised to find out that only a few minutes went by in a span of time that felt like hours. The secondary effects of Salvia divinorum can last several hours after use these after effects can include a sense of calm or a slight lack of coordination and reaction time.

User Described Salvia Experience

Some people describe visiting the astral plane, communicating with beings from other worlds, and experiencing complete dissolution of the ego. It is common to completely forget that you smoked salvia within moments of exhaling, becoming a part of your new world as if you had always been there. The intensity of effects is determined by the dose of salvinorin-a, which is why quality, standardized extracts from reputable suppliers have become so popular among salvia fans. The human body has a reverse tolerance to salvia, meaning that the effects become more intense with repeated use. The intensity of the salvia experience is measured on a scale ranging from subtle to amnesiac. The upper end of this scale is marked by overwhelming visual hallucinations and deep spiritual insight. At the highest levels of intensity, salvia can actually cause complete amnesia of the entire experience.

Salvia Is Not A Party Drug

Prior to even conceiving of trying Salvia remember Salvia is not fun. Salvia is not meant to be used at parties or social gatherings with friends the way alcohol or Cannabis can be. If you try Salvia as a party you will most likely end up having a terrible time. You will probably end up like one of these poor unsuspecting individuals.

Salvia is the most powerful mind altering herb naturally found on the earth and causes sever shifts in your consciousness. Salvia when probably used can be used in a vision quest, or in a healing ritual. Given the right setting, Salvia makes it possible to see visions. It is an herb with a long tradition of sacred use. It is useful for deep meditation. It is best taken in a quiet, nearly darkroom; either alone (if a sitter will not be used, see below for discussion of sitters), or with one or two good friends present. It should be taken either in silence or (sometimes) with soft pleasant music playing.

Salvia and standard urine test at work

Neither standard or extended drug tests will indicate the presence of salvia metabolites. It is possible to test for salvia, but the vast majority of employers will not obtain the specialized equipment necessary. Your body will be clean from salvia within twelve to twenty-four hours, so unless you are tested with specialized equipment on the same day that you smoke salvia, it will not cause you to fail a drug test.

Sitters and Safety

Smoking salvia in the presence of a sitter is generally a wise decision. This person must be someone you trust. They will be responsible for keeping you safe as you disconnect from normal waking reality. At the same time, their presence may influence your experience, so it is important that this person adds to the calm, well-intentioned atmosphere of your setting. Choosing a safe setting to trip in is as important as finding a qualified sitter. A private place where you feel relaxed is usually the best choice. Many people prefer to smoke salvia in a secluded natural setting, or in a home where they feel completely at ease.

The sitter is there to reassure you. In case the experience does not go well the sitter is an important part of being able to help you calm down. Providing reassuring words to the person and using simple words such as “You’re safe, I won’t let anything harm you.” “You’re just having a Salvia experience, you’ll feel better in a few minutes.” “Your name is………” I’m your friend ……..” are helpful sometimes in helping either calm down or remain focused on the experience. Speech is not always helpful, so remaining silent is also important. Tones of how you say words can be perceived as threats so silence is often better route to take.

Finally the sitter is there to help you remember the details of the experience, albeit only the physical part of it.  The purpose of someone re-calling particular physical actions may help you jog your memory and be able to recall specific instances in your vision. The sitter could also if you are still aware of your surroundings could talk to you during the experience in a low voice asking you “what are you experiencing now?” and taking notes of anything you say. Make sure your sitter and you discuss whether or not speaking should be allowed since most people who use Salvia prefer for silence.

Guidelines For Using Salvia Intelligently And Safely

Salvia divinorum is a remarkably safe herb, provided that it is used in a safe manner. It can produce fascinating experiences that are deeply enriching, provided that it is used intelligently. Please pay careful attention to the following basic safety guidelines:

  • Pick the right time and place for a salvia experience, take your time this is an important experience. Privacy and safety are essential. Be very careful about heights, and open flames such as candles. Do not take Salvia when you may be interrupted by phone calls, visits, pets, children, etc. Turn off your telephone and set your answering machine to silently record incoming calls. You can return the calls in a couple of hours once you are sober.
  • Give careful thought to how much you will take, and how you take it.
  • After all smoking material is safely out, lie down in bed, on a couch, or on a carpet. You are much safer lying down than you would be stumbling around. Stay put for the rest of the experience. The visionary effects are best perceived with eyes closed.
  • Have a sitter (this is especially important if you are new to Salvia, taking a high dose, smoking a strong extract, or using a very strong delivery system (such as vaporization).
  • Volunteer to be a sitter for others.
  • If you have mental health problems, don’t take Salvia without first discussing it with your therapist, or doctor.
  • Practice and encourage responsible use. don’t give Salvia to minors, or to violent or unstable people. Don’t share it with strangers. Know who you are giving it to and know why they want to use it.
  • Never take Salvia while at work or in public. Keep it private. It’s not for concerts. It is not for raves. It’s not for large noisy parties. Better to use it in a quiet safe private place in the company of a close friend.
  • Mixing Salvia with other drugs or large amounts of alcohol may cause out-of-control behavior, or terrifying experiences. While experienced Salvia users have experimented with combinations, these are not for Salvia beginners, and are certainly riskier than just using Salvia by itself. While there are no known toxic drug-drug interactions between Salvia and anything else, this has not been studied scientifically (see above for a discussion of a possible toxic drug-drug interaction of salvia with GABA).
  • Be extra careful of flames (candles, lighters, fire, etc.) when using Salvia.
  • Be very careful about using vaporized extracts, vaporized leaves, or smoking high-potency extract-enhanced leaves. These require a sitter to be present. Chewing quid or smoking leaves is much less likely to produce out-of-control behavior than these are.
  • Never use pure salvinorin A unless the dose you are taking has been weighed with an ultra-accurate balance that can weigh out doses in micrograms, and you know exactly how much you can safely take. Even if you do meet these requirements, you still should have a sitter present.

If you have read this far, you have managed to learn enough to begin your journey. Whether you now decide or not to go ahead and try is entirely up to you. If you do, remember to keep an open mind and allow Salvia to guide you in its own way. Salvia was put on this earth for a reason and that was to guide man kind in its quest for higher understanding. Treat Salvia with respect and keep it legal use it responsibly, don’t post Youtube videos of it, don’t operate machinery, have dangerous weapons around or drive on Salvia, and use a sitter. Buy Salvia

Salvia Legal Status

Salvia divinorum Legal Status in the United StatesSalvia divinorum is classified as a controlled substance in the states of Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Virginia. Salvia divinorum is also illegal in the states of Louisiana and Tennessee, but only if intended for human consumption. A local law prohibits possession of Salvia divinorum in Suffolk County, New York. Salvia divinorum is entirely legal in all other states. A complete list of the legal status in the united states can be found on this page:

Salvia divinorum legal status by countrySalvia divinorum is illegal in Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Latvia, and Lithuania. Spain prohibits the sale of Salvia divinorum, but not possession or use. In Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Estonia, it is illegal to import Salvia divinorum without a relevant prescription from a doctor. Salvia divinorum remains legal throughout the rest of the world.

Salvia is recognized as a safe and non-addictive herb, which has prevented most legislative bodies from passing regulations. In addition, salvia is relatively new to western culture, so it is largely under the radar of most governments. It is very likely that you will be free from legal consequences if you use salvia safely and responsibly. Even in jurisdictions where Salvia divinorum use is legal, it is a good idea to avoid attracting attention to or publicizing your use of salvia.

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