Salvia divinorum

Salvia divinorum

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Salvia divinorum is best known for its you tube salvia trip videos and as a hallucinogen. Awareness of salvia has risen with the Internet, but it was first introduced to mainstream culture in the mid-1900’s. While the small leafy herb is now finding well-deserved popularity in Western minds, it has long been a part of indigenous Central American culture. Ethnobotanists and anthropologists discovered the plant in the Sierra Mazateca mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, in the course of research into psilocybin mushrooms. After decades of work with the Mazatec people, the gift of a live Salvia divinorum plant made it’s way back to the United States, and from there, the plant has spread across the globe.

About Salvia

The history of Salvia is long, but the most popular methods of use are relatively modern. Traditionally, salvia has been consumed orally, either through chewing or infusions. Users began smoking Salvia in the late 20th century, which lead to today’s form of consumption: salvia extracts. Oral use of salvia has the drawbacks of relying on fresh leaves and providing a milder experience. Smoking is advantageous because the effects of salvia are stronger and dried plant material can be used. The problem with smoking salvia leaves is that the smoke is very harsh and the amount of active ingredients in the dried leaves varies drastically. Salvia extracts solve these problems by taking the active ingredient, Salvinorin A, from salvia leaves and producing a product with a standardized potency and cleaner smoke. Experienced and novice salvia users alike prefer smoking extract, because once they learn the correct dosage for their needs, they can rely on the extract to deliver the experience they’re after.

Salvia divinorum’s interaction with the brain’s neurotransmitters is unlike the phsyiolgical effects of any other hallucinogen, creating a psychedelic experience that is highly unique. The effects of smoking salvia extract are generally classified on a scale from subtle to visionary to amnesic. Light use creates subtle effects such as mood enhancement, clarified perception, relaxation and increased sensuality. Users progressing beyond this point experience a deeper distortion of the senses, leading to auditory and visual hallucination, strange bodily sensations and uncontrollable laughter. Before reaching the most intense effects, salvia users experience contact with foreign beings, identification with external objects and deep spiritual insight. This is the last stage of the salvia experience scale that anyone can report on, because effects beyond this point of intensity lead to total amnesia regarding the trip.

The acute effects of Salvia divinorum rarely last longer than ten minutes, but the residual effects of calmness and heightened sense can last for hours, and the insight and change in perspective brought about during the trip can last for a lifetime. The salvia trip is a healing experience, and the salvia herb is a safe, natural teacher.

Forms of salvia divinorum

Salvia divinourm Extract

Salvia Extracts for sale are available for purchase in our online store or easily accessible at local head shops in certain countries and US states (see: salvia legal map). They are sold in varying forms of 10X, 20X, 40x, 60x, etc. The “X” symbolizes that the extract being consumed is X times stronger than regular leaves (5X is 5 times as strong as regular leaf). The stronger the extract, the stronger the experience; use at your own risk.

Salvia Extract are made using dried leaf, the extraction process is complex and lengthy and improper usage of chemicals can result in bodily harm. It’s commonly made using  99% pure pro-pantone Acetone or 99% purity: Isopropanol, Rubbing Alcohol, and Isopropyl Alcohol with a combination of Naphtha.

Fresh leaf
Fresh leaf is primarily used for making a small bundle of leaves that is then held under the tongue for sublingual absorption. Fresh leaf is preferred method for sublingual absorption because it doesn’t break up in your mouth and is easier to chew.

Light – 10 g fresh / 2 g dried
Common – 30 g fresh / 6 g dried
Strong – 50 g fresh / 10 g dried

Dried leaf
Dried leaf are prepared by leaving fresh leaves out in the sun. Other faster methods to dry leaf require you to bake it in an oven at 150 degrees Fahrenheit until the leaf becomes crispy. Dried salvia leaf is used for smoking. To use dried leaf for sublingual absorption, soak them in water for ten (10) minutes. Beware that Soaking dried leaf in water can lose some of its potency. If you plan on making Salvia Extract its best to us dried leaf.

Light : 0.25g
Common : 0.5g
Strong : 0.75 – 1.00g

Tinctures are made by dissolving extract into pure Salvinorin A or a semi-pure form of it into ethyl alcohol. It is meant to be used sublingually by holding a certain amount under the tongue for a period of time. Using Tincture usually will increase the duration of the Salvia trip but the effects will be weaker. Beware that holding strong tincture under the tongue for long periods of time can eventually cause blistering. It is sometimes best to dilute the pure tincture with water (although potency may be decreased).

To make a tea first crush 1/8 oz of dried leaves, bring water to a boiling temperature, drop the leaf into water for around 5 minutes. Afterwards, let it simmer for around 15 minutes. Salvinorin A is not orally activated, so the tea has to be kept in the mouth for around 15-20 seconds each sip. This tea, if properly brewed and consumed, can produce a state of trance when closing the eyes and a whole night of vivid and intense dreams plus some occasional closed eye visuals.

Tolerance and addiction potential

The use of Salvinorin A is not habit-forming drug and generally the need to want to use more will decrease after repeated use. Immediate usage within 30-120 minutes will decrease the effects of salvia the cause is unknown, but probably linked to how your body deals with the after-effects of Salvinorin A.

Long term tolerance to the effects of Salvinorin A does not occur. In fact, users report that this compound has a reverse tolerance and actually becomes stronger over time and with repeated usage. Salvinorin A is not affected by built up tolerance for other hallucinogens. Salvinorin A is likely to overpower other hallucinogens effects when used in combination.

Legal issues

Australia : Possession and sale is illegal.
Belgium : Possession and sale is illegal.
Canada: Possession and sale is illegal.
Croatia : Possession and sale is illegal.
Czech Republic : Possession and sale is illegal.
Denmark : Salvinorin A is a Class B drug.
Germany : Possession and sale is illegal.
Germany: Possession and sale is illegal.
Hong Kond: Possession and sale is illegal.
Italy : Possession and sale is illegal.
Japan: Possession and sale is illegal.
Latvia : Possession and sale is illegal.
Lithuania : Possession and sale is illegal.
Poland : Possession and sale is illegal.
Portugal: Possession and sale is illegal.
Republic of Ireland: Possession and sale is illegal.
Romania : Possession and sale is illegal.
Spain : Possession and sale is illegal.
Sweden : Possession and sale is illegal.
Switzerland: Possession and sale is illegal.
South Korea: Possession and sale is illegal.
UK : Possession and sale is legal
USA: (States where its Illegal)
Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Guam
Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota
Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,
South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming

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